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EUR 12m for BMM

08-06-2009 om 13:59 by Maastricht Region Branding Foundation

The Dutch top Biomedical Materials Institute (BMM), a public–private partnership dedicated to research and development of novel biomedical materials and their therapeutic application, has announced that three new projects will receive funding of approximately EUR 12m. This brings the BMM project portfolio to ten R&D projects with a total budget of EUR 64m. The BMM consortium comprises of 13 Dutch universities and university medical centers, 14 small and medium-sized enterprises, four major industry leaders, TNO, the Dutch Heart Foundation and the Dutch Kidney Foundation. The Dutch Government will provide 50% of the funding.

The current EUR 12m will be invested in Netherlands-based research related to the disease areas musculoskeletal, and nephrology. Other research areas within BMM’s strategic research agenda are cardiovascular, (antimicrobial) coatings, and (targeted) drug delivery. Biomedical materials play a key role in achieving medical breakthroughs that will enable the functional repair and regeneration of tissue.

The three projects were selected from a portfolio of seven projects that was submitted to BMM in response to the second Call for Proposals. All proposed BMM projects went through a peer review and assessment process, and were finally evaluated by an independent International Scientific Advisory Board, a group of internationally renowned scientists in the research areas addressed by BMM. Based on their advice, BMM’s Executive Board approved the new project portfolio today.

Each project addresses an apparent clinical need and envisions specific biomedical materials breakthroughs. The projects comprise a multidisciplinary research effort, involving clinical researchers and technologists. The approved projects have been selected on the basis of their scientific quality, their impact on public healthcare, and on their economic and societal relevance.

“The second International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) meeting was extremely productive and thorough, with excellent input of all ISAB members. BMM can be proud to add such high quality research projects to its existing portfolio. These new innovative R&D projects together with the previously selected BMM projects guarantee further strengthening of the international position of the Netherlands in biomedical materials research.” said Professor Bob Löwenberg, PhD, chairman of the International Scientific Advisory Board of BMM.

“The portfolio of projects of BMM constitutes an unprecedented opportunity for a true private-public partnership, with strong participation of all partners. We are very pleased to see that SMEs have again such a prominent presence in the current project portfolio” says Professor Sibrand Poppema, MD, PhD, member of the Executive Board of BMM.

In a joint effort to further stimulate innovations in Life Sciences, BMM will launch together with the Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM) and Top Institute Pharma (TI Pharma) a Joint Call for Project Proposals by the end of this month. The aim of this call will be to stimulate multidisciplinary research in the field of `Imaging Guided and Targeted Drug Delivery`. The total budget for this Joint Call will be EUR 20m. The projects, which will emerge from this Call for Proposals represent the first example of an interdisciplinary public-private consortium that encompasses competencies from all three institutes.

About BMM
BMM (the BioMedical Materials program) is a public-private partnership in which the Dutch government, academia and industry are united to stimulate research and development in the field of biomedical materials. BMM was founded in 2007 and aims to become a world leader in the field of biomedical materials and their use and applications in a clinical environment within the next five years. The BioMedical Materials program addresses the disease areas cardiovascular, nephrology and musculoskeletal, and the application areas biomedical coatings and targeted drug delivery. Each of these focal areas addresses specific clinical needs and specific biomedical materials breakthroughs. New concepts will be explored from the lab up to and including the proof-of-principle, involving all partners, disciplines and areas of expertise that are required for application in a clinical environment. The clinical need for new therapies will be leading in defining the focus in the research agenda and research topics.


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