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17-10-2009 om 03:41 by Maastricht Region Branding Foundation

A new and welcome development in Meuse-Rhine is a spate of activity on the publishing front. As was the case this time last year, Niveau magazine has come out with a new idea. A horizontal approach to publishing may be rather suggestive, but with Niveau, it is the first step in putting the printed word in a panoramic context. It reminds us, that last year Niveau magazine started a brail glossy.

At last the Aachen Region has also decided to go international and AGIT, the Aachen regional development company, has come up with a magazine called aHEAD which is available in English.

AGIT’s new magazine, aHEAD, edited by Gaby Mahr-Urfels, is something that has been desperately needed in the Aachen area, where even a leading research center like the Jülich, had seemed unable to keep up with its own scientific production on the publications front. And, of course, one knows that, in this day and age, failure to do this means that one slips in the rankings. This applies to universities and research institutions in particular.

The problem in Germany is of course that the home market of German-speaking countries probably approaches 100 million and this sometimes tends to lull people into a false air of security and into sitting back in their comfortable chairs, and not telling the world what is going on in places like Aachen and Jülich. Now, however, the mold has been broken and we can look forward to aHEAD to help us with our interpretation of the area
At the same time on the social marketing front there is a whole range of new websites that we will list in future, which relate to the Meuse-Rhine and Maastricht area, itself edging its way to a new method of marketing using social media. One site worthy of special mention is, which does give a good look at modern business in Limburg and has regular webcasts, which liven things up.
Source: Meuse-Rhine Journal

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